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Malinois Pups - Parents Working Police K9's

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Pups were born 7/8/18. 4/M, 5/F. Pups will be ready around 8/26. Both parents are titled working police K9's. Miley (Dam) is a certified tracking/bomb dog. Miley is AKC registered she is owned by her handler and her services are contracted by local Drug Task Force. Miley is very hard on the tug and has extreme toy/play drives and she loves searching and tracking. Miley has a great off switch, is great with kids and she lives inside with handler when she is not working. Taz (Sire) a dual purpose K9 and is certified in narcotics detection, tracking and patrol. Taz is a fierce patrol dog and one to be greatly respected. He was imported from the Netherlands and he has KNPV lines and training. He is a very hard dog with excellent fight drive. ​This is a repeat litter, puppies from the last litter are amazing and everyone loves them! We had the opportunity to train some of the puppies from the Miley/Taz past litter. Puppies are super loyal to their handler/owner and naturally very protective. Pups have good working drives and nerves of steel! These puppies aren't afraid of ANYTHING! Please let us know if you want to be on our waiting list! See our website for more information 334-654-2905, 334-627-3942 $800 to approved homes.

Malinois Pups - Parents Working Police K9's

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