Belgian Malinois Male for sale: Green Import Dual Male GSD $3800 2 years (id: 268759)

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Belgian Malinois - Male for sale

Green Import Dual Male GSD $3800 2 years

Sent by frost kennels

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Updated: Aug 01, 2018 12:18 AM (inserted 2 weeks ago) -> 1369

K9 Asko 
Green Dual (or protection dog) imprinted on narcotics.


Asko is a large, strong dog with high intensity to work. He is priced @ 3800 for a soft Trach as when pulls too hard on the collar he will cough. So best to be worked on a harness.

We can finish on/off leash obedience and his price would be $4500.

As a finished protection dog $6800.

Finished in patrol and narcotics $7800.





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Green Import Dual Male GSD $3800 2 years

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