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Belgian Malinois - Male for sale

IPO3 malinois male for top competition and stud

Sent by Marsyas kenel

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We offer great strong male for sport and stud

Bodie is 4 year old male with highest title IPO3. He comes from Finnland from the worldfamous trainer and competitor Mia Skogster. He has been trained since puppy with modern methods for high competition. He has very strong drives for work, his ball and food drive is very high and he loves to work, no matter how often you take him, you can work him every day. He has natural talent for all three phases. In protection work he has strong, full grips and he is very intensive at his work. He loves to cooperate with his trainer, he has clear head - very active if working, but also can calm down if resting. He is used to travel and used to be around other people and dogs. He can live inside or outside. He doesnt show any problem in handling. He has lots of temperament. He has HD/ED official results 0/0, Spondy free, testicles and teeth ok, he also has breed survey and has sired one litter, he is a perfect stud dog.

With his pedigree he brings very interesting bloodline with perfects dogs such as Mecberger Chortoryiski (FMMB 2010 2nd place, FMMB 2008 3rd place, FCI WM 2008 3rd place, FMMB 2009 2nd place, FCI WM 2009 4th place, FMMB 2010 WORLDMASTER), IPO3 Ennox der Sonne entgegen, Iris Perle de Toubiere, IPO3 Hera Lee des Teutones, IPO3 Klemm von roten Falken (many many times winner, 3xtimes WM Winner), IPO3 Mecberger Leena and many others

his pedigree, photos and videos:

videos on youtube:




more info:

We also have other dogs for sale, if you are looking for some other, just let us know

We also offer dog training (puppy training, preparation for titles like ZVV, BH, IPO, show, breed survey (Korung), possible to take it in Germany. At this moment we have also one spot available for top sport dog training (for competitions).

IPO3 malinois male for top competition and stud

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