Belgian Malinois Puppies for sale: Working line Belgian malinois puppies! (id: 266038)

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Belgian Malinois - Puppies for sale

Working line Belgian malinois puppies!

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Soon available, Belgian malinois puppies WORKING LINE! Father: named Jacky, works as police k9 with Belgian police, has a great full bite, can handle hard pressure and very important he is clear in the head! Mother: named Bo, trained like police dog but works a personal protection dog, hard full bite, very high ball / prey drive, loyal and also clear in the head! Very promising litter! Reservation is possible. price is 600 euro + shipping costs. Price includes:puppie vaccinations + rabies vaccination, chip and socialisation to 12weeks old. Father @ training: ------------------- Mother @ work: email:

Working line Belgian malinois puppies!

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