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Rico Vergossen


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Please contact us if you have any questions.
If you are looking for the best this is a historical litter!!!
Sire: KNPV police work
Dam: she went on trial to an English police force and was returned because she was too much to handle.Deposit $1000
taking four deposits only
$3500 for 2 pick males
$3000 2 pick females.
We are one of the only people in the world to have Rico in our program. Rico has passed on but still considered one of the greatest dogs of all time. We have worked hard to provide the best. This litter is very exclusive and we are the only people in the world who is having a litter from him. Rico Vergossen is without doubt, one of the strongest dogs in the KNPV world today. Rico Vergossen has extreme drives super strong nerves, a monster in Bite work with hard and full grips. He is known thought Europe and the world for his hard, extremely high driven character. Rico stands about 67 cms high and weighs 42-45 kgs. The type of dog to handle with respect. Rico is a social dog but dominant with a lot of courage.
The combination that Rico comes from is also known as one of the best ever.
Rico x Yara videos can be seen on site listed below.

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Rico Vergossen

Rico Vergossen

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