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KNPV PH1 Sired Dutch Malinois Puppies W BRN#

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Puppies have been handled by us and our family continuously and will be started fearlessness exercises (Imprinted on loud noises, pots & pans, audio gun fire, street sounds, babies crying, music, etc ) just before three weeks of age and worked in drive building and retrieve exercises on tug toys, metal & tennis balls around 5 weeks old up until they leave our program. We breed for quality and work-ability for real working services. Our blood lines have succeeded in real dual purpose police jobs, detection, IPO, personal protection and guard dog training. We realize that our dogs are family and a major asset to our lives and, our mission is to provide hard nerved patrol, security, protection, detection and protective family prospects with extensive temperament testing and imprinting for work. With our early training and development we work on exercises bring out the highest drives in bite and hunt drive genetically possible for their age. We have 2 males. The price of the puppies is $1500 & $2000, shipping expenses are the new owners responsibility. Puppies have been vet checked. They will come with a 7 day parvo and other major communicable diseases and 2 year genetic health guarantee (listed on our website). There will also be a 48 hr working guarantee to qualified venues. Please in a detail message let us know how active of a pup you are looking for, your experience level with Malinois or other working breeds and, what type of training you are planning to do with your puppy to find you a puppy to best fit your needs. We are located in Rochester, WA in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Contact us at 253-267-3977 or email Our website is Sire, Holland import KNPV PH1 Diablo 17949 100% Hips elbow and back health check tested in Holland and Sallis sasha BRN # 30888!


KNPV PH1 Sired Dutch Malinois Puppies W BRN#

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