5 generation long pedigree for CH Pencraft Twinkle

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CH Pencraft Twinkle


CH Pencraft Pugnacious

CH Worcester Park True Boy

Worcester Park WoodmanWorcester Park WranglerStoke Place Scholar 1909
Stoke Place Winifred 1907
Worcester Park LotteryWorcester Park Striver 1908
Worcester Park Lofty 1907
Worcester Park PrudenceWorcester Park Prompter 1917Wooddale Publican 1910
Worcester Park Lavish 1914
Worcester Park Comedy 1914Halstead Place Comrad 1909
Worcester Park Memory 1911
Wheatley Costly

CH Stoke Place Sapper
Stock Place ScholarStoke Place Scamper A
Stoke Place Mockery
Stoke Place WinsomeStoke Place Watchman
Stoke Place Mischief
Wheatley CountessCH Wheatley CouncillorSpringhill Masterman
Springhill Comedy
CH Wheatley FranticSpringhill Flagrant
Springhill Flighty
Pencraft Tattles

CH Wheatley Manager

Fairfield ManagerCH Belray Chancellor
Halstead Place Clinker
Beresford Dale Fashion
Belray CharmerWheatley Chorister
Belray Kitty
Wheatley TunefulCH Stoke Place Sapper
Stock Place Scholar
Stoke Place Winsome
Wheatley CharmerCH Wheatley Councillor
CH Wheatley Frantic
Wheatley Charmer

CH Wheatley CouncillorSpringhill MastermanHalstead Place Forager
Springhill Mischief
Springhill ComedyThorpe Satchville Nominal 1897
Springhill Crafty
CH Wheatley FranticSpringhill FlagrantHalstead Place Monarch A
Wooddale Fanciful
Springhill FlightyHalstead Place Forager
Halstead Place Frolic

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