5 generation long pedigree for Laneline Cry Baby

Pedigree Database

High Drive Malinois - 9 Months Old
Male for sale

IPO1 VA Yoker Pendler daughter
Stud Dog

Sold out

KNPV Champion for sale
Male for sale

Pedigree for

Laneline Cry Baby

Perry's Macrae Pete

Taylor's HB BO

Taylors Macrae Little JackFC Taylors Macrae Billy JackIFC Maple Lane Itchy Bawls
FC Bartons Brierwood Cindy
Taylors Macrae DollyFTC Kingwood Shorty
FC Bartons Brierwood Cindy
Eighteen Mile Creek QueenieHayes Big Bad BoFC Chapman's Hunter
Hayes Slinder Sally
Git-R-Done Maggie MayTHB Little Stubby
Sharkys Little Bit Nosey
Perry's Crooked Pooge

BCH Wooten's Barney
Deep Creek Jake
FC Indian Hills Majer
Donna Ray Macrae
Perry's LadyRobinson's Ruff and Ready
Irish Hollow Whitey
Perry's Heidi
Perry's Jake JrDeep Creek Jake
Adkins Roxie
Perrys Brigit BardooPerrys Randy
Cloverfield Ginger
Laneline Wailing Raven

Owl Creek SixGun Tomahawk

Alamo Creek GusFWR Laneline Yellow Creek DingusBCH Wooten's Barney
Indian Run Cheyanne
Shadylawn SuzieFC Raw Dan GR
RCH Dick's Yellow Creek Freckles
Owl Creek SixGun SandieHOF GBF CH Happyrun Calico ClemBFC Happyrun Potter's Duke
FWR & BFF-WR Dog Barking Bidi
Laneline Yellow Creek DonnaraeTinkers Creek Sarge
Indian Run Cheyanne
LPGRRCH, GRBCH Liberty Road Night In Gale

FC Indian Hills Night TrainFCH Indian Hills Trapper
AKC/HM631810/01 08-98
IFC Mark V'S Ace In The Hole
FC Indian Hills Princess II
FC Indian Hills Maggie
AKC/HM345286/01 09-93
FC The Elm's Jigs Maggies Mate
AKC/HD669002 (07-89)
Indian Hills Leesa
AKC/HD216114 11-87
Cress's Cruising EZ LadyCress's Cruise ControlHazel Branch Carmon
Cress's Southern BelleLemon's Jackpine Big Easy
Reaumes Lassie

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