5 generation long pedigree for Princess Dalilah II

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Princess Dalilah II

Boomer Doo Ward

Oreo Ink Mitchell

Roscoe Samson KennedyD And L's Sam I AmButtons Shelton Chavez
Sassy Belle Chavez
Jackson's DaiseyJackson Norton
Jackson's Annie II
Baby Girl KennedyBuford Ulyses Gatton BugsHart's Lady Killer
Bessie Jolene Hart-BJ
Myrtle Faye KennedyBeth's Buster Brown II
Madam 'Maggie' May
Saydey Storm Mitchell

D And L's Sam I AmButtons Shelton ChavezRumpples Jr
Long Island Zephyr Liz
Sassy Belle ChavezRoscoe Clark Moore
Molly Clark Moore
Missy Messy MitchellJackson NortonSir Sabastian Duke
Woodleaf Hill Sillie Millie
Trail Of Hearts CleopatrickSkeeter Maxamillian
Yvette Basset-Taylor
Bella Lee Flower

General Borraguard Lee

Billy Bob BarnettNick Carter PooleNancys-Renegade-Rusty
Lady Vanessa Black
Andy Tootee PooleSir Napolean Woodrow
Lady Natalie Tootee
Jamie's Little Lucy IIMR. Weaver KellyBad To The Bone II
Paul's Mavis
Missy Sable BradshawClovis Bentley Dobbins
Ellie Mae Dobbins
Samantha Wade Flower

Fred Wade RogersChief Dawg NorvilleClyde Buster Greene
Bonnie Rae Greene
Dixie Ann NorvilleHaussty Lynn
Pepper Ann Wall
Paisley Passion FlowerRoscoe Purvis Coal TrainClyde Buster Greene
Bonnie Rae Greene
Solomon's Peace LilyTootsie Roll XVII
Mary Jane VII

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