5 generation long pedigree for Sally Mae Boudrie

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Sally Mae Boudrie

Snoopy Scooter Combes

Luther Vann Damm

Ernie TurnbullLynn's Sir BejeminAlbert XXV
Tyler's Darling Clementine
Lynn's Susie MaeAlbert XXV
Tyler's Nosey Rosey
Floppy Girl WarrenLewis Lou Beauregard CorvinFords Barney Clyde
Dexters Ellie Mae
Damar's Girl GBo Ceifus
Cromer's Georgie Girl
Lucille Ball (Lucy)

Flashy Fred IVBruno Von TrooperAlbert XXV
Tyler's Miss Droopy
Vern's MagnoliaRowdy Dave
Capps's Lucky Lady
Beetle Bailey IIIBuckwheat XXXIVPoky Jo
Lady Di Blackmon
Derek's Little misseyHolloway's Sir Reginald
Cindy's Foxy Roxy
Daisy Mae Combes

Jake Roy Bassett

Dodsons Buster BarnieBallard's Gregory BusterDodson's Flash Gordon
Bessie Rose II
Dodson's Bailey DelaineGreen's Tee Jay Snoopy
Green's Mandy
Shy-Ann DealGeorge Herbert DukeBaxter Lee Junior
Molley Bold
Daisy Mae Duke XXVIIJacksons Primrose Percy
Jackson's rambling rose
Mabel Sugar Dunn

Henry Big Foot HillThedfords appalachian big footAppalachian Big Foot II
Angel Dust Sally Anna Girl
Thedford's Cindy Lau McBassetBoober's Maru Charles Foster
Lady Red McBasset
Lucille Annabelle HillBoober's Maru Charles FosterBeauregard Helton
Ally Bama Bear
Pinky Sue ThedfoerdShadrack Hall
Melissa's Precious Pansy

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