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by Hundmutter on 22 March 2019 - 20:03

Here is a bit of news for importers of dogs from Poland, a country which seems to be featuring on PDB more often these days. Please note this obviously is not a problem with all dogs imported from there, or all Polish kennels / breeders; but it is worth noting, given the number of complaints and scams recorded on PDB relating to a variety of European countries.

It has been reported that with a couple of GSDs imported to the UK from Poland, their pedigrees carry the logo of the UK GSD Breed Council.  Possibly this is meant to convey some kudos by affilation.  Please note that no permission has ever been sought, or given, for any Club in Poland (or elsewhere) to use the B/C's logo in order to give the appearance of authenticity to any document.  I am not privy to the name of any Polish Club or individual Kennel (s) involved in doing this, so please don't bother to ask me.

It has apparently caused problems with importing owners wishing to breed with these GSDs and finding that they cannot get them Registered with our UK Kennel Club. The KC does not have a reciprocal Agreement with Poland.

Of course, in case these (mainly bitches) are not properly registered at home with the Polish Kennel Club before export, they are ineligible for registration in the UK anyway; but this use of the logo has been exposed by owners seeking help from the Breed Council with such registration difficulties, and seems to be complicating matters. Especially if it is being used as a substitute for registration with Poland's KC.

It is thought it may stem from a period very early in our Breed Council's history, when for a while one of the Polish Breed Clubs was an affiliated (non-voting) member. Although somebody may have just copied the B/C Logo off the internet in more recent times.

It is possible US importers will not be affected, & I've posted this mostly for benefit of those few who are still here from the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands etc (but that isn't to say it won't be on paperwork going to the USA).  Something everybody thinking of importing should watch out for, as it might convey some 'value' that doesn't actually exist, and/or make difficulties to add to the delays already sometimes experienced with Registration of foreign dogs.

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