Simple pedigree chart for Tala A Stor Faolan (2619958)

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Simple pedigree chart for Tala A Stor Faolan TKA DNA-VP

Tala A Stor Faolan TKA DNA-VP
(AKCDN28564702 ASCA E177372)
Pure Country General Lee DNA-CP
(AKCDL913405/05 ASCA E127336)
HOF WTCH Peter's Ranch Chips Futuristic PATDC, RTDCS DNA-CP
(AKCDL81770101 ASCA E72727)
Hangin' Tree Patch STDs
(OnlyASCA E35819)
Hangin' Tree Buddy Powers
HOF Zephyr's Blue Angel RDX
Hangin Tree Lass RDX
HOF Zephyr's Blue Angel RDX
Hangin' Tree Roja
(AKCDL57402502 ASCA E50740)
WTCH Hangin Tree Working Blue RDX
HOF Zephyr's Blue Angel RDX
HOF Slash V Cherry Cola
Slash V Paper Doll
Pure Country Amber Rose
(AKCDL74928703 ASCA E97871)
AKC/ASCA CH Hidden Lane's Power Surge CDX ASCA STDs
(AKCDL39082604 ASCA E50228)
HOF CH Bayshore's Flapjack
(ASCAE37953 AKC DL41020601)
CH Bayshore's French Toast CD
(ASCAE22783 AKC DL41391901)
CH (US) Somercrest Sassy Lassy
ASCA Ch Propwash Boomerang Usay Tomato CD
Redland's Midnight Lace
(AKCDL62926208 ASCA E81518)
All A-Round's Major Attraction CD STDc
(AKCDL42168301 ASCA E47140)
Peacemakers Kandi Girl
Wilmeths Dinah Washington
CH Starswept's She's A Doll
Ethel Lynn Vaughn DNA-VP
(AKCDN166462/05 ASCA E156920)
Briarbrook's Cool Willie DNA-CP
(AKCDN046675/03 ASCA E130239)
AKC CH Briarbrooks Final Answer
(AKCDL83589301 ASCA E113768)
CH Briarbrooks Silver Medallion
CH Briarbrooks Silver Sequence
(ASCAE31030 (AKC DL39058701))
CH Briarbrooks Tattletales
HOF CH Briarbrooks Valedictorian
(ASCAE60489 (AKC DL43679504))
Briarbrooks Debutante
AKC CH Briarbrook's Incased In Mink
(AKCDL640234/01 ASCA E87032)
CH Kaleidoscope (Briarbrooks) Case In Point
(ASCAE76021 (AKC DL53445301))
HOF CH Briarbrooks Valedictorian
(ASCAE60489 (AKC DL43679504))
CH Briarbrooks Oh My Oh
CH Heatherhill Make Mine Mink
CH Starswepts Made Of Mink
Red Lace For Josie DNA-CP
(AKCDL816384/05 ASCA E107112)
Fairoaks Lazario DNA-CP
(AKCDL632969/07 ASCA E86121)
Fairoaks Aladar
(ASCAE62382, AKC DL49645903)
Fairoaks Atreyu STDs OTDs OTDs
(ASCAE24877 (AKC DL41931602))
Boot Hill's Ronita of Fairoaks
(ASCAE40065, AKC DL46122801)
Ruder's I B A Auburn Angel
Ruder's Major Red Baron
(ASCA HIII49 AKC DL49531701)
Ruder's Lady's Peppered Blue
(ASCA HIII48 AKC DL49530701)
Wild Acres De De of Deacon
(AKCDL660129/05 ASCA E85783)
The Deacon of Wild Acres
Hidenvaley Cotton Candy
(AKCDL50549302 & ASCA: E53785)
Lynncrest Cowboy's Fancy
Shezaclassicdream of Lynncrest

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