Simple pedigree chart for Bayshore's Bye Bye Birdie (1655720)

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Very good female on heat!!!
Female for sale

Willy vom Kuckcksland puppies for sale
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Czech sable WL PUPPY - Igor Anrebri x Gwen Barnero
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Simple pedigree chart for CH Bayshore's Bye Bye Birdie

CH Bayshore's Bye Bye Birdie
HOF CH Brigadoon's California Dude CD HS STDs
(ASCAE19007 (AKC DL41104601))
HOF ASCA CH Brigadoon's One Arrogant Dude
(AKCDL46151601 ASCA E12825)
ASCA HOF CH Arrogance of Heatherhill CD STDd
(AKCDL49134101 ASCA E3609)
HOF ASCA Ch. Windermeres Sunshine of Bonnie Blu CDX
HOF Wildhagen's Thistle of Flintridge
ASCA Ch. Sweet Seasons of Heatherhill
McCorkles Blue Tule Fog
(ASCAA674 & NSDR: A000499)
ASCA CH Patchworks River Fog
CH Tri-Ivory Ruff Rider CD
CH Tri-ivory Here Cum Da Fuzz CD
HOF ASCA CH Windsong's Foggi Notion
CH Hoyts Wildwood Flower
(ASCAC314 & A003264)
HOF CH Windswept of Windermere CD
HOF ASCA Ch. Windermeres Sunshine of Bonnie Blu CDX
HOF ASCA CH Wildhagen's Dutchman of Flintridge CDX
(ASCAA53 & NSDR: A8759-7150)
CH The Herdsman of Flintridge
(ASCAA721 & NSDR: A6186-6788)
Heards Savor of Flintridge
(ASCAHIII1066 & NSDR: A5141-61113)
HOF Wildhagen's Thistle of Flintridge
Sisler's John
HOF Fisher's Blue Heather of Windermere UD
HOF Georges (Kings) Red Rustler
Ginthers Rusty
Ginthers Red Velvet
Wilsons Little Annie UD
Bintzs Pauper Joy
CH Bayshore's French Toast CD
(ASCAE22783 AKC DL41391901)
HOF CH Misty Morns Rackateer CD STDds OTDd
CH Windjammer of Gefion CD
HOF CH Yankee Clipper of Wingmont
HOF CH Moonshine of Windermere
CH Just A Sample of Sunnybrook CD
CH Fromers Free Breeze CD
CH Misty Morn Sparkling Sherry of L7
Just in Case of L7
CH Just A Sample of Sunnybrook CD
CH Higgins Lady Blue (of L7)
Higgins Maggie
Winterhavens Blue Dream
CH Zellers Winter Havens Rusty
(ASCAC2170 AKC DL41354301)
Tyrells Brigadier Boots
Hays Bo Dandy
Diamond T Honey Bunch
Richwoods Copper Penny
Copper Rivet
Mini Acre Miss Susana
Holcombes Sheba
Abernathys Valentino of Coppertone STDd
Iacovettas Tuffie
CH Abernathys Tiffany of Coppertone
CH Shanks Gingerblue Of Coppertone CD

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