Simple pedigree chart for Praetorian Staff Born To Crush You (921219)

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Simple pedigree chart for BISINTCH,MULTI CH Praetorian Staff Born To Crush You

BISINTCH,MULTI CH Praetorian Staff Born To Crush You
MULTI CH LBC Get Together Again Lesoto
INT CH Royal Courts Tipit Z Calvin
WW08,10,12, BIS, BISS MULTI CH, INT CH, AKC CH Royal Court Winning Colors TT, CGC
(AKCRM36610801 (DKK 06747/2007))
BIS BISS INT CH, Multi CH Fraja EC Gold Standard CGC
(AKCRM25039802 (FIN 28291/03))
CH Fraja EC Rider's Solid Gold
USA CH Royal Court's Bold And Beautiful
CH Can Do KS Designing Woman
CH Royal Courts Mad About You
BISS CH White Rock Lone Star Dallas TT, CGC,
CH White Rock Rowdy Angel
CH Royal Courts HMS Dreadnought
CH Rainbo Honey Bee
INT.CH. EPD Blue Moon Lesoto
CH. Imperia Staff Diamond Hill
(RKF1074342 (PKR III-43887))
CH RUS Vita Kenbo Utan Uzi Hunter
Vita Kenbo Isabel
CH Imperia Staff Daffodil
Woodforest Phantasy Illusion T1
(AKCRM12184705(RKF0009795 CMKU2909/96/94/96))
INTCH CCS Primabalerina Lesoto
WoodForest EZ Sunforest
(AKCRM15272115 (PKR III-31623))
CH Woods EZ Forest I'm Bewitched
INT.CH. Cyklada Nurian
Ara Beauty Queen Lesoto
CH Praetorian Staff Sexy Lady
(COR A2637-07/286)
MULTICH Apache Born To Be Wild
Peace Keeper's Aik Jack Bo
CH Fraja EC Thunder Cloud CGC
BIS BISS CH Fraja EC Winning Ticket
Boja Lupo Von Otta
(VDHGBF G1877)
American Gladiator's Emotion
Ringmaster R Cover Girl
(COR17 53-02/286)
INT CH Sindelar's Shane
(JR74577 AST)
CH Sindelar's Bearfoot Countess
BISS- 2XCW, JCH Ringmaster Cover Girl
ROCH Franstal's Guverner of Ruffian
(JR73731 (COR A1150-00 / 286))
Schaller's Pecan's Toad Spit
(CORA904-99 / 286)
A Walking To The Clouds O' Class
CH Fraja EC Thunder Cloud CGC
BISS CH Sindelar's Touch O'Class Orion
CH (AKC) Sindelar's Heide Ho
(AKCRA502747 10-82)
BIS BISS CH Fraja EC Winning Ticket
CH Fraja Thunder Battery
CH Pertoclass Paige
(LOI02111299 (AKC RM36888501))
INT CH De Paco XZ Gold Moon
(AKCRM 31983701)
CH Fraja NE Raging Moon
(AKCRM204500/02 (LOI 0012779))
INT: CH - JCH De Paco XZ Let The Sunshine
CH X-Pert Buzzy Zanoia


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