Simple pedigree chart for Imperia Staff Leroy (866269)

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Simple pedigree chart for ЧЕМП. РФЛС, ОКД -2 Imperia Staff Leroy ATAXIA-CLEAR

ЧЕМП. РФЛС, ОКД -2 Imperia Staff Leroy ATAXIA-CLEAR
INT CH Assar Panda Parinco
(CLP4010/00 (RKF 1463058))
CH Kamikaze Tipit Z Hanky
INT CH Ralph du Donjon Magnolia WW '97
(LOE0886998 (LOSH 716688) (CLP 1152/94))
CH Tippitt's Young Fireball Jerry Lee
Barberycoast Kindered Spirit
LU CH Magnolia's First Lady
CH Wade's Stormy Harbor
(AKCRA942714 10-86)
CH Tara's Magnolia's Sandcastle
INT CH Yaga Tipit z Hanky
INT CH Camelot's Gallant Buck
Ch. Camelot's Princess Jean
CH Tipsy (1990)
CH Tippitt's Beau Jangle
JUN CH Gaja z Hor Kutnych
CH. Grand Jopar
CH Storytime Song And Dance Man
(AKCRM 021038/08)
Wildwind's Image of River Run
CH. Angie's Double Point
(CLP404/93 (PKR III-35148))
INT.CH Thunderdome's Odie
Bessy Manor
INT CH Yrro Tipit Z Hanky
CH Tipsy (1990)
Alet Miss Bombay
Avenger vom Pirolnest
(SPKP186/90 OHZB 21)
Conchita De Mandraka
Ch RUS, Ch BLR, Ch UKR, 22 CAC, 18 BOB Imperia Staff Ulsana Mey 1998
CH. INT, RUS, RKF Imperia Staff Danny Bush
AKC CH & RUSSIAN CH Finwar's Whiskey Jack
(AKCRB373878 (RKF 0003896))
Ch. Finwar's Red Roc
Ch. Kar-Ron's Finwar's Finesse
CH Stone Mtn Whistling Dixie
CH Bare Metal Bonz
(AKC RA825298)
Stone Mtn Dixie Bell
Woodforest Phantasy Illusion T1
(AKCRM12184705(RKF0009795 CMKU2909/96/94/96))
INT'L/ MULTI CH WoodForest EZ Chances 'R' (5)UVHD
CH Woods EZ McRuff
(AKCRB271256 6-92)
CH Woods EZ Coral's Blue Star
(AKC RM03615007)
CH Scott's Angel Kisses
AKC/UKC CH Wood's EZ Challenger Chance
(AKCRB117956 (UKC APBT P151,789))
Lady Scott of River Run
CH Beautiful Imperia Staff
JCH NATIONAL CLUB CZ Bullit Cocoa Cocktail T1
MULTI CHVDH LUX WW91 Tex's Frenchy Tipit
CH NLD Tippit's Betty Boop
CH CZECHIA Bullit Asterisk
Tippitt's Jolly Scamp
YUSG93, YU CH. Bessie of Yellow Fire
CH Tippitt's Danny
CH Willynwood Nancy


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