Simple pedigree chart for Kamikaze Tipit Z Hanky (656622)

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Simple pedigree chart for CH Kamikaze Tipit Z Hanky

CH Kamikaze Tipit Z Hanky
INT CH Ralph du Donjon Magnolia WW '97
(LOE0886998 (LOSH 716688) (CLP 1152/94))
CH Tippitt's Young Fireball Jerry Lee
CH Sindelar's Buster Benson
Ch. Sindelar's El Frado
CH Mistina
CH Bearfoot's Sophie's Choice
Ch. Bearfoot's Simply Sophie
Barberycoast Kindered Spirit
CAN CH Touch O'Class QED CKC-1036152
Ch. Sindelar's Touch O'Class Pazaz
Tugowar's Sandi
Luke Liza Girl
LU CH Magnolia's First Lady
CH Wade's Stormy Harbor
(AKCRA942714 10-86)
CH Harber's JR Ewing Flynn
Ch. Harber's Lady Cassandra
Curran's Red Baroness
Patton's Lost Cause Anderson
CH Tara's Magnolia's Sandcastle
CH. Sindelar's Doctor Mudd
CH Mistina
Ch. Tara's Carry On Hollie
Ch. Tara's Carry On Griddle
INT CH Yaga Tipit z Hanky
INT CH Camelot's Gallant Buck
CH Gallants Johnny Reb
(AKCRA 935904)
CH (AKC) Deaver's Gallant Rebel
(AKCRA604495 11-84)
Ch. Terri
Ch. Deaver's Gallant Patches
Queen Gretel of Jac-San
Ch. Camelot's Princess Jean
Ch. Gallant's JW
Ch. Terri
Gallant's Mean Jean of Jac-San
Queen Gretel of Jac-San
CH Tipsy (1990)
W.W.91 INT.CH.LUX.CH Sindelar's Fred
INT CH Barberycoast O'Class Bandito
(CKCTL573917 (AKC RB142701))
CH Touch O'Class Put 'N' On The Ritz
AKC CH Sindelar's Misty Mudd
CH (AKC) Sindelar's Heide Ho
(AKCRA502747 10-82)
CH Tippitt's Beau Jangle
INT CH Tippitt's Andy
Ch. Willynwood Dancing Dolly
CH Sindelar's Ruby
CH (AKC) Sindelar's Heide Ho
(AKCRA502747 10-82)


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