5 generation long pedigree for Ruffian Slide Rule

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Ruffian Slide Rule


Ch. The Ruffian

Klump's Deuce

Corrington's SpikeCorrington's BadgerTudor Black Jack II
Parkview Hazel
Rennick Patsy LeeCorrington's Big Musty
Corrington's Lady Lee
Corrington's Dixie LeeGarm IIGarm D
Corrington's NiftyCorrington's Crill
Ashland Betty
Klump's Dina

Garm DTudor's KingTudor Jack II
Tudor Texas Tess
Hart's Rumpus BeautyCallant Rumpus
Callant Patsy
Dinah-LeePaxton Black PhantomBlack Smuggler
Baker Tiffy
Bennett's Black MaryTudor's King
Hart's Rumpus Beauty
Schroeder's Muggins (Calamity Anne)

Schroeder Jiggs

Clark Jiggs IITramp BoyGRCH Clark's Tramp (Armitage’s Kager)
Jackson Gloria
Clark Lucy IIClark Roamer
Clark Betty Jane
Schroeder Queen IISchroeder Gas HouseHoughton Pete
Colby Suze
Schroeder QueenDickey Spike of Tulsa
Clark Haley
Schroeder Kay

Schroeder BillSchroeder Gas HouseHoughton Pete
Colby Suze
Mathis BrandyMathis Pat
Mathis Pansy
Schroeder BettySchroeder BuckyBilly Sunday-S
Smith's Golden Girl
Murphy TessSmith's Captain Bucky
Murphy Young Princess

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