5 generation long pedigree for Ch. The Ruffian

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Pedigree for

Ch. The Ruffian

Klump's Deuce

Corrington's Spike

Corrington's BadgerTudor Black Jack IIGRCH Tudor's Black Jack
Walker Tessible
Parkview HazelParkview Robust
Corrington's Madge
Rennick Patsy LeeCorrington's Big MustyParkview Jerry
Parkview Betty
Corrington's Lady LeeMaguire Smuggler
Parkview Betty
Corrington's Dixie Lee

Garm IIGarm DTudor's King
Hart's Rumpus Beauty
Dinah-LeePaxton Black Phantom
Bennett's Black Mary
Corrington's NiftyCorrington's CrillCorrington's Bucky
McClintlock Biddy
Ashland BettyNo information about the dam
No information about the sire
Klump's Dina

Garm D

Tudor's KingTudor Jack IIGRCH Tudor's Black Jack
Walker Tessible
Tudor Texas TessFox Napolean Bob
Black Star III
Hart's Rumpus BeautyCallant RumpusDugan Pat
Collier Little Bit
Callant PatsyMcCoy Tony
Blackjack Queen

Paxton Black PhantomBlack SmugglerHannah Smuggler
Hannah Black Bess
Baker TiffyFraser Boxer
Fraser Lady
Bennett's Black MaryTudor's KingTudor Jack II
Tudor Texas Tess
Hart's Rumpus BeautyCallant Rumpus
Callant Patsy

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