Simple pedigree chart for Storytime Song And Dance Man (1443780)

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Simple pedigree chart for CH Storytime Song And Dance Man

CH Storytime Song And Dance Man
(AKCRM 021038/08)
AKC/UKC CH Storytime's On The Darkside
(AKCRB347165 5-91)
CH Kinder's Rebellious Gator
CH (AKC) Patton's Wizard Pagan Daniel
CH (AKC) Patton's Pagan Piglet Laws
CH Atchley's Fanny
CH Patton's Wildfire of Harper CD
CH Atchley's Fanny
CH AKC Herring's Bewitching Tabatha (Kinder's)
CH Patton's Red Rocket
Terri's White Rock Pepper
Patton's Princess Jeffries House
Desert Edge Queenie
S'N'S Mithril Stargazer
Ch. Sooner's Oklahoma Pride
AMER/CAN CH Sooner's Big Mac
Merri Mimi of Hiccup Hill
CH Nugent's Merry Midnight CD
X-Pert Black Susie
Sooner's Fudge Ripple
AMER/CAN CH Sooner's Chocolate Teddy Bear
CH Nugent's Merry Midnight CD
Ch. Don Carlos Blu Boomerang
Ch. Concho's Ruffian Shade of Blu
Wildwind's Image of River Run
CH Wildwind Apache Brave
CH Sooner's True Grit of Rhody
CH Beau Ringo UD
CH. Mari-Don Genie Midnight CDX
X-Pert Brandy CD
X-Pert Black Susie
Ch. Tex-Rock Queen of Diamonds
CH (AKC) Tryarr Diamondback Redbolt
(AKCRA423487 06-79)
AKC CH Tryarr Strawberry Fields
McIntyre's Texas Pebble
White Rock Grover
Ch. Patton's Texas Belle Lucy
CH Wildwind Daydream Fantasy AST UCD
CH Tara's Doc Holliday
CH. Sindelar's Doctor Mudd
CH Mistina
Ch. Tryarr Strawberry Tart
AKC CH Tryarr Strawberry Fields
Sirius Cleopatra
CH Valhalla's Ride 'Em Cowboy
Ch. Alavesa of Rip Rock
Valhalla's Morganshadow
Ch. Valhalla Adonica Of Fraja


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