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by ValK on 05 April 2020 - 17:04

duke, you don't teach (or develop) dog to bite. every dog know what it is, from moment of being born.
what do you teach it is when, under which circumstances and condition and how to utilize this ability to bite.
if dog is shitty and worthless for bite purpose, you obviously won't even bother to start with it.
if dog is strong but with high threshold of reservation toward bite - what a problem to work it out?
i just in posted above told about my first dog and "issue" of bite :)

by ValK on 05 April 2020 - 20:04

just a break to lighten up rising tension in discussion.
interesting video compilation. dogs with great retrieve/ball drive but seems like they upon departure for walk have left brains at home :)


by Hundmutter on 06 April 2020 - 02:04

ValK, 0nly one there I wouldn't seriously worry about is the Frenchie pup ! SO glad no one caught a GSD out for that vid. :-) :-) :-)

by Centurian on 06 April 2020 - 10:04

@ Duke In fairness to you : Even thoughI I didn't approve of the puppy being handled and though I feel you twisted my posts .. I saw the video of the dog that you would sell for family protection .Nice dog. I write sincerely this opinion : I do admire you for breeding and at least trying to beed dogs with good natural innate traits . I do not mean thisin order to smooth your feathers , but in fairness ... I am sincere about that statement. And for the record if you had a dog like the one in that video , not that I am in the market for a dog , I have had some of the best dogs in the world and still have one . However , if I were in the market for a GS I would not hesitate to consider purchasing one of your dogs . Now that is a sincere personal opinion , without intention of telling / influencing anyone else on the PDB what they should or should not consider.

WHY I write this with sincerity . Duke I am very very very well connetcted and understand exaclty what is going on when it comes to the big time , those very very serious inthe breedings of the GS . I have a good handle on what is being produced and what is not ... and where and why ...

I know for sure , I know this as a fact from very important people in the GS world ... that many people , and I leave this as a generality , who know about contracts to produce dogs for certain purposes that many breeders dont' give a rats ass about what they are breeding and putting out on the market. They are more concerned about pushing out the dogs , fulfilling the need contracts than the quality of the dog that they breed .They are not paying attention to their breeding programs and plans . Therefore , much of the breeding is not what it should be [ BTW this is why I get heavy into evaluating the dogs ]. They are putting out and producing dogs that , well , let's say they are lacking. And I am talking about mentality/ temperament as well as working attributes. Duke , you know as well as I do in certain continents , not to point any one out , but you know , some of the Woking Line GS , even many bred for Law Enforcement , are in a pickle for good working GSs due to breeding practices . Now tis seems to be a gnerality in writing.. I cannot be specific on a public forum ... But I repeat-you most likely are as well informed about this that I am !! If you not or if you disagree , I am telling the people on this form indeed that this is `100% in fact what is happening in the GS world- believe it or not . So , wy do pontifiacte about talikng about traits and evaluating them : because if you do not know , even if you are LE person a rookie , of you do not know what on earth you should be looking for or how to evaluate a dog you will be taken ovber the hurdles so dam fast it would make your head spin > you will wind up with one shi** dog and many of you would not even recognize that you did . Many times I have seen dogs that Inwould not take if you gave the dog to me ! Believe me .. this is true ,beleive me , even professionals can and have been be taken over the hurdles . Ditto for people that simply are looking for a puppy for this endeavor or that endeavor. Last year someone came to me to show their GS and that they imported , paid a hell of a lot of money for it ... and it was temperament flawed !! Good thing the person trusted me and knew me- I was moved and distraught having to tell the truth . The dog cost a lot but more so what a let down for that person ,,, and that is an understatement.

Again Duke I do give you credit for trying to breed and maintain innate instinctive genetic traits for certain endeavors. I see canines differently than others do and taake evaluyating dogs very very seriously..

by ValK on 06 April 2020 - 13:04

but absolutely obvious a strong innate drive. so strong that was able to nullify a brain.
GSDs aren't exception. present breeding trend pumped out plenty of candidates for similar compilation. it just no one yet bothered itself to collect and compile it in one video.

by Hired Dog on 06 April 2020 - 14:04

Valk, you know what fun is, yes? This video was done to have some fun, even you post it for that reason....have some fun with it, the dogs are being cute, no one is getting hurt, enjoy watching their antics and laugh, laughing is good today...

by duke1965 on 06 April 2020 - 14:04

centurian, thank you, to me its not more than normal, that different jobs need different type of dogs

by ValK on 06 April 2020 - 16:04

hired, glad to see you're back and hope you're ok.

sure it's fun. but at same time this fun is blended with a grain of sadness when you see the people select in breeding dogs not for breed's designated purpose but because of this or that dog is funny and even in the end of own days acts fancy like puppy.
since my Ari passed away in 2000, i hadn't met a GS dog to express own feelings in like "wow, that's a serious dog".
everyone just concerned about drives and the crazier is drive - the better. everything else simply skipped as not necessary.

by Hired Dog on 06 April 2020 - 16:04

Thank you Valk, I am good and I wish the same for you and your family. Valk, especially in today's world, with whats going on, a little fun is good. Yes, these dogs are not bred for what they were intended, but, again, it puts a little smile on peoples faces, makes a few of us laugh.

Valk, I dont believe that with what you know, kennels you have listed, etc, you have not found or are not able to find a dog that will serve your needs. Forget what everyone else wants, focus on what Valk wants and I am sure you will find it. Be well.

by ValK on 06 April 2020 - 22:04

in addition to previous response to GK1.
i just got flashback about another video with good pup , posted before. last time it went unnoticed but can't resist to repost it again :)

please meet Thusnelda vom Haus Iris.
don't know age but looks like something around 9 weeks. it's not a test, its ordinary interaction of pup in the natural environment.
pup, invited to play, absolutely ignores offered toy (someone wanna to say - absence of possession drive?) but demonstrates something much, much higher value - stubbornly trying to subordinate dog, nearly 10 time bigger of itself.
contention for rank in pack of pups starts pretty early but these infighting is among relatively equal contestants.
Thusnelda still way too young, to do this consciously, and yet her nature urge her do dominate specie of own kind, despite obvious discrepancy of size and strength . even being accidentally hurt, she immediately return to her attempt. please note, it's not a pure game. she's not yet tall enough to reach top of the dog's neck but she again and again target bite on neck as close to desirable spot as can reach.
are her act say anything to anyone about her personality and what type of dog she would be in adulthood?

it's a complex issue and not good idea to discuss publicly.




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