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by COGSD on 14 November 2018 - 20:11

Hey everyone,

This is my first time trying to get a dog OFA'd, and I have a favor to ask.  Here are his hip & elbow x rays.  I'm interested in opinions on how the hips & elbows would be rated by the OFA, but I'd also like opinions on how the vet did on taking the x rays.

Thanks in advance!


An image

An image

An image


An image

An image

by hexe on 15 November 2018 - 14:11

Hip film is nothing I'd accept for submission to OFA--the right leg is not rotated correctly. Vet should re-do that film, I'd be damned if I'd pay for the re-shoot--the positioning on that right leg isn't even close. Left leg is position correctly, and that hip looks good.

As far as elbows, only the flexed views get submitted for OFA--the extended views I can only suppose were for your and/or your vet's additional inspection. The flexed views do look to be correct positioning. Won't comment on how the elbows look because I'm not viewing them on a large enough screen to give me a good look at them.

by COGSD on 15 November 2018 - 15:11

Thanks Hexe; I appreciate the input. BTW, are you German, or did you just pick a German login name?

Any other thoughts from anyone?

by hexe on 15 November 2018 - 19:11

Nope, not German. Just picked a dog's name as my user name, that's all.


by Prager on 17 November 2018 - 00:11

Bad positioning. Unacceptable.

by COGSD on 17 November 2018 - 05:11

So how is the dog supposed to be positioned on the x ray table in order to achieve the best possible hp x ray?

by Rik on 17 November 2018 - 05:11

you really need to find a vet experienced in OFA.

sockets are deep and look good. right head does not look great and maybe better positioning looks better.

honestly, most of us here are just GSD fans, not vets.


by Sunsilver on 17 November 2018 - 05:11

The only thing wrong with the positioning is the right leg should be turned in more, to match the positioning of the left leg.

OFA requires the pelvis to be level, and both legs turned in, with the kneecaps centered and clearly visible in the x-ray, as you see with the left leg in the above x-ray.

by hexe on 17 November 2018 - 09:11

COGSD, I'm puzzled as to why the "L" marker is on the wrong side of the film in the hip view. The dog should be lying on its back to get this view, so the "R" marker should be where the "L" is in this film.  Also, was the dog sedated or anesthetized for the x-rays, or was he fully awake?

Suggest going to the OFA website and take a look around...there's a diagram on the hip & elbow application that shows exactly what they're looking for when it comes to positioning for the films.  

Edited to add:  Wait, wait, wait...is this the same dog you were asking about earlier this year, the one having pain in his left hind leg? 


by Sunsilver on 17 November 2018 - 15:11

COGSD, I'm puzzled as to why the "L" marker is on the wrong side of the film

Thinking Sheesh! Can't believe I didn't notice that! 

So, of course that means my comments above are referring to the left leg not being turned in enough!

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