A True blue eyed Pitbull - Page 1

Pedigree Database

VA1 LABO son, IPO3, ** DM FREE
Stud Dog

3yr old Female IPO1 KKL 2X Remo vom Fichtenschlag
Female for sale

VA7 (BSZS 2016) Willy vom Kuckucksland direct son
Male for sale

by showmerealpitskennels on 10 April 2008 - 22:04

Blue eyes are genetic defaults in these dogs. No matter the pedigree. Look who owns it.

by decoyD on 11 April 2008 - 03:04

Put up some peds of what you are working with. Show me the light.

by Angela Kovacs on 19 April 2008 - 21:04

 Yeah, you know that ain't gonna happen D...

by Angela Kovacs on 19 April 2008 - 21:04

by decoyD on 20 April 2008 - 04:04

Thanks, Angela!,  How sad and Pathetic. Here is a greener than grass, newbie, who comes to this empty forum and insults tested dogs of the finest lines. Perhaps this newb should check out the definition of default lol.

I really love this ad. Here our newb forum expert, is taking deposits on the breeding he made with a cur bred, 11 month old puppy. The litter was born on 10-22-07.  This means the sire of litter, "Faucee Boy", who was born on 9-06, would have been 11 months old at the time he was bred.  No wonder our breed is in such despair.  I bet old Ralph Greenwood, is turning in his grave, to see what his registry is putting papers on these days.




by Angela Kovacs on 20 April 2008 - 20:04

This had me rolling!!!! 



"I don't talk the walk, I walk the walk."


Yeah, to the mail box and back!!!! LMAO!!!

by Angela Kovacs on 20 April 2008 - 21:04

 Or this....




Spade huh....


Yeah, you sure do know a lot about dogs.... LMAO!!!!


by BabyEagle4U on 22 April 2008 - 15:04

"are you game enough"    ... that was funny.

by Angela Kovacs on 22 April 2008 - 18:04

 I wonder why they haven't come back???

That's too bad...

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