5 generation long pedigree for Jackson's Buck

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Top litter from V1 Kranichzug Oscar
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German import, V Kranichzug Oscar, Schh3, KKL1, HD
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Pedigree for

Jackson's Buck


Johnson's Bo Donald

Johnson's Mean Machine

Johnson's Hercules HulkJohnson's Incredible Mean MachineJohnson's Incredible Hulk
Bullmead's Queen
Johnson's Flaming DutchessJohnson's Incredible Hulk
King's Flaming Corky of JDJ
Johnson's Sugar Doll 10Johnson's Red MachineJohnson's Incredible Mean Machine
Sandman's Golden Lady
Johnson's Sugar Doll 3West Champs High Hopes
Johnson's Sugar Doll
Johnson's Machine Suzie Q

Johnson's Incredible Mean MachineJohnson's Incredible HulkKing's Aristocrat of JDJ
Tuffie's Queen ann
Bullmead's QueenWest Champs High Hopes
King's Lady Grace
Nation's DollyeBarnett's BanditBarnett's Prince Tigra
Barnett's Dixie Jane
Tayler's DollyBarnett's Prince Tigra
Barnett's Miss Candy
Johnson's Collette 14

Crimson's Elrod

Johnson's Dozer BrunoJohnson's Machine BuckarooJohnson's Incredible Mean Machine
Nation's Dollye
Johnson's Sugar Doll 20Johnson's Hercules Hulk
Johnson's Sugar Doll 10
Ruby Farneti (Sans Affixe)King's Bruiser Bo 6 of JDJKing's Bruiser Bo 4 of JDJ
King's Lady Grace
Johnson's Sugar Doll 6Johnson's Red Machine
Johnson's Sugar Doll 3
Johnson's Collette 3

Johnson's Red MachineJohnson's Incredible Mean MachineJohnson's Incredible Hulk
Bullmead's Queen
Sandman's Golden LadySandman the Great
Johnson's Suzie Q 2
Johnson's ColletteJohnson's AristocratKing's Aristocrat of JDJ
Johnson's Sugar Doll 10
Johnson's Sallyanne 2Johnson's Incredible Hulk
Johnson's Sallyanne

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