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by Centurian on 08 August 2017 - 21:08

I use a baby , puppy dumbell - I don't know if they sell them anymore . But you can make , if you are handy ,some facsimile with wood. I had mine for over 25 years. Just a caution .. you don't want the pupy to develop the habit of chewing a baby dumbell , or a stick, or any other item .
Other people train the retrieve last in their program .. and nothing wrong with that either.

by Sunsilver on 27 August 2017 - 21:08

Need to give an update...

After several weeks of doing line bites, with the decoy moving away from her, but only letting her bite when she's doing a good, strong bark, it suddenly clicked!

First time in quite awhile I had the club president as the helper. I told him we were working on doing a bark and hold, so he decided to work her in the blind, with a gate in front of him. He had not seen our previous sessions trying to work her in the blind, which were a dismal failure.

It wasn't perfect, of course - she did need to be corrected for trying to sneak in bites over the gate - but we got a good, strong bark with her sitting, and him remaining stationary in the blind!!

I was quite surprised, and VERY happy!

Onward, and upward... :D You just never know when it's all suddenly going to fall into place!


by Sunsilver on 28 August 2017 - 00:08

BTW, what command do most of you use for the bark and hold?

Everyone here seems to use 'revier' both for the blind search and the bark and hold. I think they're over-using it. I'd rather use something like 'pas auf!' or 'achtung!'

Maybe I'll switch to French, where it would be 'en gard!'!

by ValK on 13 September 2017 - 21:09

'pas auf!' and 'achtung' already a commands, assigned to another tasks - "to guard" and "call to attention". since seems like you like to use commands in german, there are command to vocalize the dog - "gib laut".

by Koots on 14 September 2017 - 00:09

I use 'voran' for teaching the blind search and 'reveir' for the hold/bark. I also teach the hold/bark away from blinds and when solid on that will move it to in tge blind. I will not have the helper give a bite in the blind, to help keep my dog clean when doing the hold/bark in blind.   


by Sunsilver on 14 September 2017 - 21:09

So, what exercises are 'pas auf' and 'achtung' used for? It seems to me that the dog is guarding the decoy during the bark and hold.

I did study German for a couple of years in H.S., so it's come in handy in learning to read pedigrees and koer reports. And I'd like to be sure I'm using it properly when training.

Okkay, I'll be honest....I'm a language GEEK!! If you didn't know that already, you haven't seen me correct peoples' spelling and grammar mistakes.... and get my knuckles rapped for it! Red Smile


An image

by ValK on 15 September 2017 - 03:09


"pass auf" - "guard" in meaning guard/wach object.
"achtung" - "attention" usually if something/someone approaches and dog soon must be ready for instant action. could be for other purposes in which need have dog to be concentrated.
in case of decoy - that's rather detection and signaling by barking to handler, that target have been found and not really a guarding the object.

but in fact you may assign any word, which will be for your dog associate with particular  task. chocolate - attack, marmelade - sit, whisky - down and so on. that's all works not on understanding the meaning of the words but reflective actions on particular configuration of the sound.

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