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Daughter of IPO3(SG-WUSV-WM) Pablo V. Hamersslag
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Dominant Male Dutch Shepherd

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VIDEO first time on hidden sleeve:

VIDEO first long attack:

For Sale: Danger

-2 year old male Dutch Shepherd from Logan Haus Kennels

-Fully trained On Leash, Off Leash Obedience

-Protection / Apprehension trained

-Full Hard Genetic pushing grips extremely civil (I dont trust him on my bicep..too close to the

-Will engage any threat on command

-Will release on command return to handler and resume guarding -Will patrol and protect a fenced compound -High ball and tug drive

-High Food Drive


Ultra dominant male suitable for high risk security work. Serious dog that will require a strong handler. This dog is not for the faint of heart.  We have calmed him down quite a bit but he can easily be freed up for more extreme bitework if that is what you want.

$5k usd located in Ontario Canada shipping $500 across Canada and USA

Other trained protection dogs - 519 496 5006

Dominant Male Dutch Shepherd

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