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by susie on 17 July 2018 - 20:07

You are working on a solution for more than 3 years now? Unbelievable

For $ 1919,00 you could have shipped even a pup out of VA parents from the Netherlands to the States without additional costs for the OP, but I don't think during 3+ years you made use of VA dogs only...

Personally I don't like those "warranties", but in case the OP really paid for a dog suitable for showing/breeding/pick of the litter (only one puppy alive ! ) you need to send a replacement pup per my understanding.

For the OP: there is no warranty on warranty, that said you need to accept an equal pup as promised without further warranties.


by k9neiko on 17 July 2018 - 20:07

she has been offered a pup and that was always said. Then told as per my website one replacement ! She is the one then who threw a fit and said WE HAVE NO CONTRACT STATING THIS-----THAT WE HAVE NO WRITTEN contract----her words--------she had every opportunity to get the replacement ! So i dont know at that time what more i could of done----ONE replacement is what she was offered---

by northernshepherdlady on 17 July 2018 - 21:07

I did not throw a fit - I was unwilling to pay the additional $3,000 you requested for the replacement from VA parents. I saved the life of this 9 week 8.6 lb. puppy that you deserted; I knew he was in trouble but I just couldn't leave him in the situation you left him in. He failed his vet check 2X - not fit to fly.

by k9neiko on 17 July 2018 - 22:07

no where was that even said---that would of included shipping---which the seller never pays---so the replacement pup is offered once again and you are still fighting it and not agreeing

by susie on 17 July 2018 - 22:07

$1.919,00 + $ 3.000,00 = $ 4.919,00 ..

Are you talking about a puppy or a health tested adult?

For $ 1.919,00 you should be able to get a pup including shipping from Amsterdam.

And I guess it's not the buyer's fault the seller moved from the States to Europe...

by k9neiko on 17 July 2018 - 22:07

that was never said about the 3000 for the pup-----infact it was said about an adult she was looking at getting from here----not a pup---and shipping from here is actually about same from USA


by k9neiko on 17 July 2018 - 22:07

all i can say is she is and has been offered a pup back then and now---all we can do-------i am about done posting this over and over---

by northernshepherdlady on 17 July 2018 - 23:07

That is not true - Megan told me she would sell me a $5,000 puppy for $3,000 (because he had VA parents) and Juno's parents were not titled. I did decline the offer. She has already publicly admitted that she told me the replacement puppy would cost me more $$$ and no guarantee. um...What does OP stand for?
Sheryl B

by Sheryl B on 18 July 2018 - 00:07

It has been my experience, with this breeder,that she is trustworthy,and reputable. I have been in contact with this breeder for 5 yrs. and have gotten many dogs through her. She has always done everything she could to be up front, honest, dependable, and helpful in everyway possible. I understand that this woman was offered a replacement puppy, and she refused it. how can she even say beware when she was offered a replacement. these puppies are living beings, things occasionally go wrong,just as is with humans,I say the breeder did her due dillegence in offering a replacement, and this post should be removed.

by northernshepherdlady on 18 July 2018 - 00:07

SherylB are you aware that the replacement that Megan offered me was a $5,000 puppy for $3,000 no guarantee; in addition to the $1,900 that I sent her for a puppy that was not suitable for show or breeding?

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