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by hexe on 11 August 2018 - 07:08

Dawn73, no, not Canadian, though I am familiar with the CKC's requirement regarding delivery of papers--but registration papers and a contract are two different things, and *on the contract for this pup*, as reproduced by the original poster, the pup is question is identified as a "Canadian Kennel Club Registered Belgian Malinois"...NOT a Terv.

Hundmutter, regardless of whether a buyer was going to be sterilizing the dog or not, if they paid for a *registered* dog, they are entitled to the registration papers for said dog--so the papers are most definitely not a 'non-issue'.


by Hundmutter on 11 August 2018 - 11:08

True dat, Hexe - my tongue WAS in my cheek ! Its just that there are a huge number of pet / non-breeding owners out in the world that have trouble remembering they even GOT reg papers for their puppies, with an awful lot of dog buyers (as opposed to dog enthusiasts !) that paperwork really does just not feature much. Of course I agree that if you paid for a Registered pup you ought to be SUPPLIED with papers that prove its a Registered pup. I don't think Dawn73 saying that takes away anything from the contractual issue(s) or the breeder's responsibility.

by Dawn73 on 12 August 2018 - 00:08

ADMIN EDIT. Removed personal insults  mrdarcy (mod)

She said she bought the dogs as SAR/ detection prospects and of course the contract says "pets" because you can not sell an 8 week old puppy as a SAR or detection dog because on the day its sold, its a baby not a "finished" working dog thus making it a pet until it's new owner/handler trains it. This also applies to the rehome, which came from a pet home, therefore it was a pet.

Jill Missal scammed Malinger kennels and has now gone out of her way to contact MANY owners with dogs from Jennifer's kennel, to share her untrue stories. She agreed to a Co-own and then told some story about how her SAR team was going to pay her back for her dog, but only if the papers were solely in her name. Funny because I am absolutely sure my SAR Team is not going to pay for my dog. If someone can let me know if their SAR team in Alaska or Washington State where Jill Missal lives has experienced getting their team to reimburse them for the purchase of their dogs.

Edited as it was personnal information.  Western Rider.

 I would also like to know how come she published all Jennifer's info but none of her own. Lastly I find it interesting that on her webite she has testimonials but no names attached to them. Did she make them up ??? It sure looks like it. Given the recent information in the digging I have done on Jill Missal, it would not surprise me.



Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 12 August 2018 - 01:08

Dawn what is so hard to understand is why this event is of any concern to you when it does not bother Jennifer enough to defend herself.

Now you have made some allegations about Jill in your post that you need to show proof there of or perhaps take back.  

How do you know she is off her rocker etc.

What is so hard to understand that she bought the dogs as sar prospects, has nothing to do with them being pets. They can be both 

What is even stranger is that this post was nearly dead until you started posting to it and brought it back to life with your unfounded comments.


by Dawn73 on 12 August 2018 - 02:08

Wetern Rider (because I don't know your given name)

I care so much because Jill Missal put this post not to relay her experience solely but part of her larger plan to discredit, ruin and interfere with her business dealings. She told a client outright that is intention. Many clients have contacted the kennel to inform them about Jill Missal unsolicited contact.
( I think it only fair that Jill's clients see how unprofessional and vindictive she is.)

its a concern to me because Jennifer and I have been friends for over 30 years and this women is on a witch hunt for a perceived wrong. The post/issue is far from dead because she is harassing, stalking and threatening previous and potential buyers from this kennel she is also spreading lies and you are supporting this by keeping this post up. Jennifer asked you to remove it and you failed to even respond to her request. I have asked for it to be removed, and turn I got message questions my motives not addressing the issue that it violates 3 of YOUR own rules.

It is not hard to understand buying a dog as a SAR prospect . I have done the same. But an untrained dog is a pet. This was someone else's point not Jill Missal. Although the male she claims has health concerns but no formal diagnosis by a vet has been presented to anyone. One more concoction of her fantastical reality.

As far as proof we have many screen grabs and emails from buyers who have been contacted (unsolicited )informing the kennel of Jill's disgusting conduct.

How do I know she is off rocker, well let me tell you. Rational and professional people do not behave in the manner in which in conducting herself. This post on this site is tame compared to other platforms and forums she continues to engage in.

The question Admin remains to you why are asking me for proof , while not addressing the OP and her outright lies.


Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 12 August 2018 - 03:08

Point.  I have not received any message from Jennifer Segal or Malinger kennels.

Point  You have no first hand knowledge of the conversation between Jill and Jennifer 

Point  If Jennifer is not concerned enough about this deal then you should not be either as you have no first hand knowledge of the deal.

What a person posts on other sites is not of concern, what is posted here is.  You have made way to many statements with no proof or even first hand knowledge of the deal between Jill and Jennifer. 

Your interference is not going to help them work things out.




by Dawn73 on 12 August 2018 - 11:08

I have first hand knowledge of  proof from the other owners. Everything I have stated is true to the best of knowledge .

You appear to be defending Jill Missal, leads me to believe there must be a reason. My "interference " is in good faith to protect an amazing breeder with incredible dogs. Not sure you understand the gravity of the problem this woman is causing. Jennifer is a good person and doesn't deserve this personally or professionally. You have allowed a post that is full lies and misleading people that she steals deposits. when in fact the OP's friend had a non refundable deposit retuned because there wasn't a suitable puppy.

You are combative and looking for some kind of fight. This conversation starting with your original post should have been private message to me. As an Admin, you appear to be in favour of the original post that is breeder bashing and misleading, in fact breaks your own rules but you are all over my post


by Natasha901216 on 12 August 2018 - 18:08

I have a co-own Malinois from Jenn Segal and my experience (and those of whom I know) has been nothing but positive.

I had been following Jenn as a breeder for about 10 years before receiving my dog and he is exactly what I’ve wanted in every way. Conformation, versatility, stability, etc.

I have signed the exact same contract as the aforementioned, and honestly, while yes, to some it may seem extensive, is one that is intended to protect her dogs as much as possible. She is doing her due diligence as a responsible breeder. I can go to Jenn with any issue or concern and she is there and supportive of me 100%.

OP reached out to me on a different social media application (I have screen shots, but will not post as it is against forum policy) of OP defaming and admitting to wanting nothing more than to ruin Jenn Segal’s reputation. I asked her outright where she gained her “knowledge” of these negative experiences from, and she proceeded to block me and ignore my questions of her accusatory statements. It was disgusting and entirely obvious that she was purely out for blood.

The thing is, for the hundreds of great expereinces and reviews of people who adore Jenn and her dogs, it only takes one nutter like this to ruin it. And the extent to which OP is taking it is nothing short of childish. She stalks purchasers on social media forums (ie, myself), Threatens people and interferes with their personal life when they don’t agree with her (contacted an individuals place of work intending to compromise their job), Posts defamatory information everywhere she can (better business bureau, this website, etc). I too encourage OP to post veterinary documentation regarding Talvi (her intended co-own dog’s) medical records, as well as the FULL story, not her exaggerated and fabricated half. These dogs are Jenn’s pride and joy and she has invested all of her being into improving the breed and finding the best possible owners. It’s a shame that she fell prey to this individual and trusted her.

by jillmissal on 22 August 2018 - 23:08

I, too, wait with bated breath for the allegations here to be proven.

I did know that Jenn's sycophants would be "sicc'ed" on this post sooner or later. It's rather comical to see it actually happen.

My account is factual.

There is no change in AKC rules about registration of Belgian Shepherds. My dogs are registered with AKC as a Malinois without any issues. Jenn Segal has not attempted to register any of her other long haired dogs as Tervurens. OF COURSE she was being spiteful. To say otherwise is just silly, unless you are going to show receipts in the form of dozens of Segal's long haired dogs registered as Tervurens. If you have those receipts...well, I'll wait.

I never agreed to a co-own. In fact I specifically refused to enter into a co-own agreement. As you can see from the contract I posted, it's not a co-own contract. Wouldn't you think, had I agreed to such an arrangement, she would have sent me a co-own contract?

"I too encourage OP to post veterinary documentation regarding Talvi"
I decline this invitation to post veterinary records.

See, now, "Dawn" IS actually slandering me in these posts. She's just ranting for a reason for which I can't discern. (Jenn, is that you??) Posting personal information is really creepy and aggressive.

Anyway, as to the issue at hand. My complaint to the CKC was forwarded to the registration committee and I attended (via phone) a hearing to state my case. Segal attended and claimed that she "didn't know how to register these dogs." At the end of it all, I was awarded the papers for both of my dogs, in my name only, registered both as Malinois. Segal was required to pay the fees and do the correct paperwork. Her attempt to interfere with the registration of my dog was not successful.

by jillmissal on 22 August 2018 - 23:08

Wanted to address this question:

"Curious about why Segal says he was sold as a pet though, when OP claims he was, like the earlier bitch, purchased for detection / SAR training."

I don't know why, either. She didn't ask me to sign a contract for my bitch; never mentioned it, never sent one. And, like I said, I didn't see the contract for my dog until 6 months after I paid for and received him. I'm guessing it's her way of protecting herself from selling working prospects that don't work out.

Incidentally, also, the original owner of my bitch did tell me that she had a hell of a time getting the papers from Segal as well and came close to filing her own complaint. She didn't receive them until the dog was a year old. It's just a habit of Segal's, apparently.


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