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by Kafen on 11 May 2016 - 18:05

We sent out our demand letter giving her 10 days from the day she received it to make things right. She never responded to it so we ended up filing our case against her in small claims court. Since we used PayPal to pay Peggy, we were able to file our case against her in our court since the loss happened on our end and the transaction was made online. Our court date was scheduled for April 25th. Peggy didn't show up, as we assumed she wouldn't, so we received our judgment against her. The judgment stated that she had 21 days to pay us back or else she would need to provide both us and the court, in writing, her place of employment, the location of her accounts in all banks, her savings and loan associations or credit unions. The judgment said if she doesn't pay us back or provide this information to us within 21 days, we can have her ordered into court for questioning regarding her assets and her property may be seized or garnished. That deadline is coming up on Monday and although both my husband and I have each reached out to her, we have yet to hear from her. I think it's pretty clear she has no intention to pay us back even with the court order. After the 21 days are up we are going to request to have her subpoenaed to court.


I do not mean to come across as having an issue with her dogs or their lines. I have never even met her dogs. My only issue with German Shepherd Security is the breeder herself. From the sounds of it she has been scamming people for years and has every intention to continue to do so if it means more money in her pocket. Her stories keep changing, constantly twisting what happened to suit her desires. She had told me when I placed the deposit that she has never had an issue with any of her dogs' pregnancies and that all of them have always had large and healthy litters. I have kept track of her page ever since we placed our deposit and and I have yet to see a litter with more than a few puppies survive. After she gave away the only male she had out of Dunja (the puppy she said she would sell to pay us back) she told me she would love to work out selling us a puppy from a litter she was expecting between Titus and Ursula. I declined, of course. After those puppies were born I noticed the listing was removed and I was told by another party who was dealing with Peggy that Peggy told him the entire litter (which she claimed was very large) was lost. I was also keeping my eye on the Draka litter she was advertising and after that due date passed that listing was also removed. I just want to warn people about my experience so that maybe they will think twice before giving Peggy a deposit because from what I have personally gone through and seen, there is a good chance those eggs wont hatch.


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