Akita Puppies for sale: American Akita puppy::: litter 03 okt 2020 ::: www (id: 285544)

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American Akita puppy::: litter 03 okt 2020 ::: www

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The father of the puppies was born in our kennel, the mother as a puppy was brought from the famous Russian kennel Amfashion. Both parents are raised in our kennel o the best feed and with constant care for nutrition and health. Dogs have a stable psyche, human-oriented, socialized, very affectionate, well-mannered and obedient.

Puppies are in a house with people, under constant supervision. They are grown on a mixed nutrition according to the method of the breeder. They receive adequate physical activity, socialize and get used to elementary commands and cleanliness.
All puppies have dark muzzles without white blades, a solid coat and symmetrical colors of real Akitas - white paws and a white tip of the tail. Some of them promise to have beautiful dark edging. Puppies are strong, of the correct size, with the correct bite, the boys are checked for the presence of testes in the scrotum.

Our kennel All for ALMIGHTY accompanies its pets, provides all possible assistance in growing, consulting assistance, and also accompany and plan an exhibition career.

All puppies by the time they leave the kennel will be fully vaccinated, quarantined, will have a stamp, a chip, a veterinary passport, a puppy card to exchange for a pedigree. Puppies will be ready to leave the kennel no earlier than 3 months of age, from about January 3, 2021.

The kennel delivers the puppy itself or uses only its own carriers, which it trusts. The kennel transfers the puppy only to the final owner, for whom an export pedigree is issued or a puppy card is filled out. The kennel does not work with intermediaries purchasing animals for an unidentified owner.
*In all cases, contact the owner of the kennel personally. The kennel does not work through intermediaries. Do not transfer money to any intermediary without contacting the breeder to avoid fraud.



American Akita puppy::: litter 03 okt 2020 ::: www

https://www.amakitakennel.com/puppies/american-akita-litter-03-10-20-kennel/: All For Almighty Honour Bright NEEDS REG NUMBER


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